Welcome to the new RIZE™ TEAM MMA “The future of regional team combat sports”. RIZE has altered it into something no one has ever done before. By the end of 2020, fans will now be able to root not just for their fighters but for their hometown teams.


Nine regional teams are being formed in the state of Florida. Each team will represent its respective area, containing one fighter from each of the nine different weight classes. Teams will travel from city to city within the state of Florida and compete against one another to see who will be crowned #1. Belts, Prizes and sponsorships will be awarded to the individual winning athletes, as well as the overall winning teams captain.

Get ready, Florida. One of these teams will undoubtedly represent your area. Imagine combining fan-friendly sports like football, basketball, and baseball with combat sports like boxing, MMA, and kickboxing. Now, imagine that as a reality within the next few months as RIZE brings you TEAM MMA CHAMPIONSHIPS

Stay tuned in to RIZEs social media platforms for future show dates and the inaugural team-based fight card, coming to a city near you!

-Mike Feinberg

RIZE™ Reporter


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