Armando Gonzalez

Armando Gonzalez  CEO of RIZE™ Fighting Championship (RIZE™ FC).

      Armando Gonzalez born in Costa Rica in 1970 is an American businessman currently the CEO and President of RIZE Fighting Championship LLC. In his early years Armando studied the art of Chinese Kempo Karate earning his brown belt and moving into the competitive side of martial arts. As a kickboxer Armando earned a regional S. E. USA Championship Title with a record of 32 wins and no defeats. Once accomplishing a great martial arts status he then turned to Boxing where he earned 6 wins and no defeats. Armando accomplished a successful fight career in his early teens but soon after got intrigued by owning his own business. Fresh out of high school Armando met a friend who introduced him to a new business opportunity and started his own meat distribution company. After a year of creating and owning the company he sold it and began a new business in the communications industry named Beeper Headquarters. Beeper Headquarters was very successful to him for many years then a few years later sold the company to a larger competitor. Armando then got involved in his first ownership in the nightclub business in the mid 90s. Armando has always been intrigued in the business world of entrepreneurship owning several successful businesses then turning them over for profit.


With the love of martial arts still running through his veins Armando got re-inspired through a few friends in the industry and started his new venture in martial arts. Armando first came into the industry with a new fight promotion named Underground Cage Fighting LLC in 2018. Hosting several professional MMA events in 2018 to 2019 catapulting Underground to the top of the Florida market. Armando went on to win the “Promoter of the Year” by the Florida MMA Awards in just the first year of the company’s existence. Armando felt he was missing something in his secret sauce being that he was new to the fight industry. After a few months of searching he changed his direction and started from scratch again changing the name he first started with to RIZE™ Fighting Championship LLC. RIZE™ was created to develop newly introduced fighters to the fight World know as amateur fighters. Armando felt he had to farm his own talent to create new champions and new names in the industry rather than trying to fight with his competitors to win bids with the bigger named fighters. Then his plans were interrupted with the 2020 COVID pandemic but soon after all the curfews allowed he started putting the events together again. In 2021 and 2022 RIZE™ hosted many successful fight nights throughout the Florida market and soon moving out of Florida into a national travel event. Armando also has very strong international connections giving RIZE™ an enormous world wide opportunity to become a top competitor in the combat sports industry.  As the rise of RIZE™ continues so does the rise in the MMA industry making it the fastest growing sport in America leaving the vast majority of networks and entertainers with a hunger for MMA fight nights not only in America but World Wide.
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